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I wished for escape….


I really hate to rag too much on animated features simply because there is so much effort put into them from so many people, some of whom I probably know. And, I am aware that this production had trouble, and its admirable that it was even released. But, this isn’t a 3rd grade play, and I don’t feel obliged to say the kids did great when they didn’t. So, I’m not holding back. Continue reading

The World’s End is probably the best End of the World film…really.


I love everything Edgar Wright does.  I’d pay to watch him eat breakfast.   From his UK series with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, “Spaced”, to the amazing “Shaun of the Dead”, to the lessor but still better than most “Hot Fuzz”, to the brilliant “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”.  He was a writer on the underrated “Adventures of Tin Tin”.  He directed the best mock trailer in Grindhouse, “Don’t”  And he was an Executive Producer on “Attack the Block”, which if you haven’t seen, you should.  It’s not a long pedigree, but it’s nearly flawless.  And so you can understand my anticipation for “The World’s End”, and the utter joy when Continue reading

District 10: Elysium


The best part about sci-fi is that socially and politically sensitive subjects can be freely discussed and commented on, and in the process, the issues can be re-framed so we can look it from another point of view.  Neill Blomkamp did this to fantastic effect in District 9, which is a fairly heavy-handed commentary on apartheid.  I’m sure it’s even more heavy-handed for people who were eye-witnesses to it.  For Elysium, Blomkamp brings an even heavier hammer with him to Continue reading

Pacific Rim – “If you HATE it for non-Australian reasons, your inner child is dead.”

PacificRimThe above quote is from a fellow visual effect pro, in regards to his viewing of Pacific Rim with his Australian actress wife who took issue with the two Aussie characters being played by non-Aussies.  I took issue with them too, but for other reasons.  I do agree with him, however, that if you hate Pacific Rim, your inner child is dead — or you are too young to have an inner child because you are perhaps…still a child. Continue reading